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Jeffrey Choa

Executive Director

As a trusted leader in the IT industry in the Philippines, Microgenesis continues to provide beneficial and cost-effective solutions to its clientele in line with our mission and vision. We are composed of a responsive, competent and hardworking workforce that are always ready to serve our customers in the area of Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Adoption, IT System Management, IT Education and Trainings, Document Management, Workforce Productivity, Software Licensing and Subscriptions and Devices-as-a-Service.
Our customers are central to all that we do, so our people, systems and processes are all geared towards satisfying the needs of our customers in all areas of engagements. We are always gathering feedback in order to improve ourselves so that we can continue to serve our customers better. Microgenesis’ growth through the years are mainly driven by this passion to serve our customer right, and we are committed to continue along this path

Rosanna Choa


I love the people at Microgenesis! From the general services personnel to the top management, they all have a great family spirit, strong customer focus, wonderful collaborating teamship,  admirable  sense of integrity and a deep passion for excellence. No wonder most of the customer and partners are happy with the services that they are receiving.

Who We Are

Microgenesis is a leading information technology solutions provider in the Philippines. Founded in 1988 as a computer hardware reseller, we have expanded and have grown into one of the leading I.T. Solution Providers in the Philippines. We had our humble beginnings, yet through hard work and strong faith in God, we grew slowly despite various challenges. Now, we live by the promise: “Making IT Easy for You.”


Customer service is one of the main pillars of our business foundation. We have built our business mainly through customer referrals, through cultivation of a customer-first attitude within the organization, and through our philosophy and reputation of honesty and integrity. Thus, we were able to penetrate a wide range of industries in the country, and we continue to build upon our wide range of clientele through system integration and provision of IT solutions. At present, our clientele consists in the top 5000 corporations in the country, crossing through various industries which include banking and finance, manufacturing, trading, and service providers, among others.

The emphasis of the company has always been on providing value-added services. Because of this, we continue to seek new partnerships and invest in new technologies, training, and certifications to provide our clientele the necessary tools to success in their field. We strive to continually be a leader in the local IT industry and to leave our mark in the global scene as we continue to specialize in IT solutions to e-enable our customers. Amidst various emerging technologies, we shall continue to acquire and provide the latest solutions toward excellent service.

What We've Become & Pursue To Be

core values


We believe that honesty, transparency, and truthfulness are the bedrock for our personal and corporate growth.​


We believe that the best way to achieve our common goals and objectives is to work together in synergy under and atmosphere of interpendence, trust, and openess


We carry out all plans and actions in a professional manner that exceeds set standards.​

Family Spirit​

We cultivate a family atmosphere in our workplace where there is mutual concern for each other's welfare.​

Customer Focus

We take a proactive approach to meet our customer's needs and we treat them as our own.

Result Oriented

We go out to achieve the desired results in all our endeavors.

Vision & Mission


To see a vibrant and productive society where people and businesses contribute positively to its development through the use of technology


To provide cost-effective and beneficial solutions to our clients so as to equip, empower and enable them to be successful in their businesses.